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    Foundational Chiropractic Health Center is a pain control clinic with a professional chiropractor. We specialize in medical massage therapy for patients looking to balance health and wellness.
    We offer sports physical therapy for patients who are challenged in their active lifestyle. We provide pain management and back pain treatment for patients that are in dire need of physical relief.
    In addition, we offer structural massage services for patients receiving functional neurology treatments. The goal is to balance all bodily systems to maximize your entire being.
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Our Services

Mobile massage
Medical Massage Therapy

Our medical massage therapy service will incorporate traditional medicince with contemporary massage techniques to loosen and relax your muscles. Foundational Chiropractic Health Center is committed to your holistic medical healing.

Sports massage
Sports Physical Therapy

If you are an active athlete or recreational sports practitioner, Foundational Chiropractic Health Center can assist you with your medical treatments. Our sports physical therapy program will restore your bodily equilibrium so you can resume your active lifestyle.

Pain management
Back Pain Treatment

If you have strained your back, we will provide you expert back pain treatment to relieve the tension. Foundational Chiropractic Health Center understands the rigors of back movement, and will take great care to understand your pain and remedy it accordingly.

Structural Massage

Our structural massage service is designed to realign your skeletal areas, so you can achieve maximal functionality. Foundational Chiropractic Health Center also considers your functional neurology to properly balance your bone and flesh.

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